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Are the plans suitable for people with food allergies?

If you have a specific allergy to a food or food group, please call us on 02077208583 to discuss – you never know – we might not use the ingredient that you are allergic too.

Alternatively, our sister company – The Pure Package can cater for food allergies as well as any dislikes. Please visit for more information – https://www.purepackage.com/.

Our plans don’t contain many things that are commonly avoided including offal, bones or any wheat, pork and shellfish (we can’t 100% guarantee that your food will be free of trace elements) or anything you would consider a pet like a rabbit. We ethically source all our ingredients and avoid any unnecessary preservatives or additives. We believe in fresh natural ingredients.

We don’t believe in neglecting any of the main food groups in our Balance Box dishes – and firmly believe that a diet that includes of healthy fats, lean protein and complex carbs is key to happy, healthy sustainable results. Click here to see a sample menu.

Our Free-From Box is free-from wheat, gluten, fish, meat and cow’s dairy. However please note that this box does contain lactose from goats and sheep’s products and as it is prepared in the same kitchens there may be traces of common allergens.

(Please note that we can’t guarantee there won’t be a trace of one of these ingredients in your box).